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Please note that all our prices and packages are community sponsored. If you are not working with a community approved Wedding Hall or an approved sponsorship organization this price-sheet does not apply and we welcome to browse www.benjaminkohen.com where you can find out standard prices and packages.


1 photographer for 7 hours
1 videographer for 7 hours
All edited images via online gallery
Downloads for printing up to 5x7
Lightly edited video



1 photographer for 8 hours
2nd shooter for 6 hours
1 videographer for 7 hours
All edited images via online gallery
Downloads for printing up to 5x7
Lightly edited video up to 45 mins.
3-6 mins highlights video

* Ideal for large families



Photography coverage for 9 hours
2nd shooter for 7 hours
1 cinematographer for 9 hours
1.5 hours of extended film
Cinematic highlights film
10x10 Master Album with 70 photos

Ideal for sephardic events.
Must be community approved.

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What is the quality of photos we can expect for our Takana Wedding?

Our team of editors will treat your photos with care and make sure every photos is given our signature edit. However advanced edits are not included our packages but can be added. We recommend those for albums if you choose to go that route.

Where are you based?

Our team is based in Brooklyn but we travel everywhere we're needed. NYC Tri-State only.

Your prices look great are there any hidden fees?

No hidden fees at all. But, do keep in mind, depending on your wedding location, travel fees may apply. Taxes are also collected on any package including any physical deliverables. But thats standard practice. Nothing hidden here.

My wedding hall does not have you on the list, can i still use you guys?

Unfortunately we can only take you on as a client at venues where we are already on the list. However, if we are not, most venue love adding fresh new photographers that offer excellent service like us. Simply ask them to reach out to us and well gladly take your date.

Are your wedding packages available to everyone? (sephardic couples)

Our prices are custom tailored for community sponsored events only. We will not honor an inquiry unless your event went thought the proper channels and are verified as community sponsored.

Can we print our photos on our own?

Yes! All final photos we deliver come un-watermarked with printing rights up to 5x7. All other enlargements are printed in house only at our community sponsored prices.

Can I use your images to print an album some place else?

We've build this brand from the ground up to help couples walk away with the best photos from their weddings possible. So that we can continue offering our services to others, we need your support and therefore prefer you print your albums with us. Clients can purchase photos they want to use in an album printed some place else at $35 per photo.

How many photos can we expect from our event?

For a 6 hours package, you can expect between 500 to 700 images and around 900 images for events that last a little longer. We always choose quality rather than quantity and that's why only the best images make the final cut. You can always request additional edits at additional cost, just shoot us an email.